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Who We Are

We are a Perth, Western Australian residential air conditioner Company supplying & installing inverter Ducted air Conditioning, Split Air conditioning and  Evaporative Air conditioning. We  air conditioning Balcatta, air conditioning Wangara, air conditioning  Joondalup, air conditioning Malaga and air conditioning Perth including their surrounding suburbs. The manufactures of the air conditioners we supply and install build to Meps and their own high standards ensuring they have the cutting-edge of technology, resulting in reliable performance, energy savings, a powerful cooling and heating system and quiet operation.
Toshiba Ducted air conditioning systems provide you with the multiple benefits of energy saving, comfort and high power.
A ducted air conditioner system allows you to air-condition your home without having to install the indoor units on your wall which make your home look neat and tidy. The indoor unit is installed in a confined space and duct work runs through the ceiling leading to air outlets to your room. Air is allowed into the room through vents on the ceiling or on the wall.
A Toshiba split air conditioner can be bought from us if you prefer this option.

Key Features:

• Wide range of applications
The use of ducts allows air outlets to be conveniently installed anywhere on the ceiling, eliminating the conspicuous presence of the air conditioner in the centre of the room. Not only can this be applied to a wide variety of layouts from narrow spaces to polygonal rooms; it also greatly improves the aesthetics of a room with its unobtrusive presence.

* Care for Users
The benefit of Toshiba’s refined designed include flexibility in application, low operating sound level, improved air quality and all round comfort which is a result of the precise temperature control by inverter technology.
We selected Toshiba for its remarkable quality for the residential and commercial air conditioning market. We believe there Daisekai inverter wall split range and the Super inverter ducted range are the best on the market. For example Toshiba was the first air conditioning manufacturer to launch a product range with non-ozone depleting refrigerant R410a back in 1999.
Active purification

Make your home a hideaway from dirt and discomfort. The innovative Toshiba Plasma Air Purifier on all Daiseikai models uses 10x active purification technology to trap bacteria, viruses and particles.
Double freshness

Negative ions create a fresh and healthy indoor environment to refresh and relax you, while the Toshiba new IAQ filter makes unpleasant smells a thing of the past and removes harmful oxidants that can damage healthy cells.
How does the Plasma Air Purifier remove a wide range of impurities?
Step 1 Charge
An ionized circuit forces pollutants to adopt a positive electrical charge.

Step 2 Collect
Negative electrons in the collection board attract large positive pollutants

Step 3 Complete
Any remaining particles are forced towards the second collection board by a positive charge.

Key Features:
• Extremely low noise for both indoor and outdoor units.
• One-touch personal comfort to enable users to programme their preferred settings.
• DC Hybrid Inverter technology with PAM and PWM.
• Low temperature operation - 15°C in heating and up to 46°C in cooling.
• Very high efficiency in cooling and heating to guarantee the low energy cost
Carrier Corp. is the world’s leader in high technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. Carrier experts provide sustainable solutions, integrating energy efficient products, building controls, and energy services for residential, commercial, retail, transport and foodservice customers. Founded by the inventor of modern air conditioning, Carrier improves the world around us through engineered innovation and environmental stewardship. Carrier is part of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide.
The derby range of air conditioners are supplied by Polyaire.
With head offices in Adelaide, South Australia and 13 branch offices spread throughout Australia including Balcatta, Western Australia.
With thousands of products designed to service all aspects of domestic and commercial markets, Polyaire is truly the comprehensive and complete supplier to the industry.

Brivis Contour Evaporative Air conditioners

Brivis evaporative air conditioning.
The lowest on your roof.
The Brivis Contour evaporative air conditioner or sometimes known as Brivis Contour ducted Coolers are the least obtrusive evaporative cooler in Australia. This Brivis evaporative air conditioner (sometimes called swamp coolers) has a sloping base offering  the lowest profile on your roof, which is ideal if you don't want to alter the look of your home. The Brivis Contour is also available in the five most popular roofing colours in Australia. That is Terra Red, Charcoal, Beige, Rivergum and Chocolate.

Brivis Promina Evaporative Air conditioners

Brivis Promina evaporaitive air conditioner

Great looks
The Brivis Promina looks great on your roof. The Brivis Promina is available in the four most popular roofing colours in Australia (Beige, Charcoal, Terra Red & Rivergum). The Brivis Promina design also allows the cooler to sit lower and more discreetly on your roof.

Brivis Advance Evaporative Air conditioners

Brivis Advance evaporaitive air conditioner

Great looks
The Brivis Advance looks great on your roof. The Brivis Advance is available in the three most popular roofing colours in Australia (Beige, Charcoal & Terra Red). The Brivis Advance design also allows the cooler to sit lower and more discreetly on your roof.

Colour options

Colour options (colours may not look the same as here). Promina and Advance units have less colours.
The brivis Contour evaporative air conditioners are available in five colours Terra-red, Charcoal, Beige, Rivergum & Chocolate
The Brivis air conditioner motor protrudes inside the dropper, Excellent water management & dumping, Excellent water filling, Plastic with internal metal for strength, Straitening veins for better air delivery & quietness, Sloping forward tank (for empting water out & self cleaning etc.). Easy dismantle & reassemble, networker option, Excellent aluminium winter seal, Excellent fan design, Pump away from the water. The list goes on. Also the Profiler & Contour units contour to the roof, keeping the unit lower profile and fan inside dropper / ceiling making it quieter. The Contour has the aqua save water saver & a motor driven winter seal saving airflow loss due to standard winter seals.

Brivis Add-on Cooling

Brivis ICE Series

The Brivis ICE Series add-on air conditioner gives you total climate control in your home, year round. This series incorporates a Brivis air conditioning unit as well as a Brivis ducted heater to give you both heating and cooling through the same ducts.

It uses the fan from your Brivis ducted heater to deliver cool, filtered and refrigerated air to each room. And you can install your Brivis add-on cooling system when you install your heater or at a later time.

By installing Brivis integrated climate equipment (ICE Series), both heating and cooling can operate via the Networker or Programmable wall control. And due to the Networker being completely programmable you have the ability to set and forget.

Brivis Ducted Reverse Cycle air conditioning

Brivis Ducted Reverse Cycle (DRC) refrigerative air conditioning gives you the total climate comfort with convenience and flexibility to cool and heat your home just how you like it, all year round.

Brivis DRC systems provide cooling, dehumidification and heating while filtering the air. You can be warm and snug in winter and delightfully cool in summer. .

Why Brivis Evaporative Air conditioning.

Brivis Heating and cooling

Brivis products are made in Melbourne, Australia. Brivis manufacture evaporative air conditioning, Ducted gas heating, Reverse cycle air conditioning and add-on refrigerated air conditioning to ducted gas heating.

Brivis StarPro Ducted Gas heater

Airflow through the HX/MX external


The StarPro PLUS units are designed to fit easily into the roof, under the floor or unobtrusively outside the house. The internal unit can be split for easier installation.